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Water Treatment

WaterOClean is a leading edge commercial and industrial water treatment equipment supplier. We supply commercial and industrial water treatment systems for schools, hotels, apartments, health care facilities and other higher volume water users needing high quality water.

Biological Treatment

WaterOClean offers a wide range of biological treatment processes and systems for your industrial or small flow wastewater needs.

Wastewater Rental System

WaterOClean mobile rental system is applicable to a variety of applications and technologies to treat your domestic and industrial wastewater and process water in compact containerized units. The rental unit provides a range of transportable wastewater treatment system for either additional biological treatment or temporary use.


Activated carbon has been historically used for removal of odor, removal of color pigments and various catalytic functions. However, applications of activated carbon have increased significantly in the recent years with the advancement of activated carbon process capability. Our activated carbons and filtration systems remove organic and inorganic contaminants from groundwater, surface and process water, wastewater and air/vapor streams.


OrganoClay - MCM-830P is a modified clay mineral designed for use as a filter media in process and wastewater treatment. When used alone, OrganoClay removes oil at seven times the rate of activated carbon. When used as a pre-treatment for activated carbon in applications involving oil and grease removal, OrganoClay removes the oil and grease effectively, allowing the activated carbon to remove the soluble organic compounds more efficiently.